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Multifamily Apartment Hold


Renovation 16 unit apartment building from a distressed seller for $2,425,000
Renovation cost $288,000 in cosmetic updates to each unit, roof, carport and exterior appeal.
Scope Added 2 additional two-bedroom apartments, and fully renovated each unit, increasing rents by 60% over an 8 month period
Projected Net Profit $600,000


years of combined experience


single family homes bought and sold since 2008


multi family apartment units currently owned


deployed since 2015

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Alternative Asset Medium Hold

Renovation $308,000 in cosmetic updates to each unit, parking lot, roof and exterior appeal
Purchase Extended Stay motel from a family trust estate for $1,030,000.
Scope Fully renovated and furnished all 42 units to create a fully stabilized and functional short term rental property
Projected Net Profit $185,000

Multifamily Hold

Renovation $105,000 in cosmetic updates
Purchase 15 unit apartment building from a non for profit agency which need to close before year end for $246,000.
Scope Rebuild the exterior, landscaping and raised rents 25% within 10 months, and improved occupancy from 70% to 92%
Projected Net Profit $70,000
Before After

Multifamily Hold

Purchase 48 unit apartment building in a quick close scenario for $1,450,000
Renovation Cost $350,000
Scope Fully renovated each unit, updated the exterior, raised rents 15% within 11 months and increased occupancy from 50% to 98%
Annual Net Income $225,000
Bannock St Apartments

Multifamily Apartment Hold

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