Finding Your Niche in a Saturated Market

This week I’m joined in the studio by a good friend of mine, Terrance Doyle, and we’re discussing the strategy of finding a niche in the multifamily space, doing things differently and taking business from the big players in a saturated market. Terrance is a full-time real estate investor and developer focused strictly on multi-family, […]

Out of State Investing with Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle is back on the podcast. He owns over 250 units in Des Moines, Iowa and over a 100 units in Denver. He’s a great person to give perspective on both instate and out of state investing. Almost weekly I have someone ask me about investing out of state. Before I lived in Denver […]

Finding Multifamily Opportunities in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

I, like most people, was thinking there would be blood in the water when it came to the multifamily and real estate market in general back in late March, when the entire country and world shut down due to the coronavirus. I was getting flashbacks to 2008 when we were able to pick up foreclosures […]