Multifamily Mentors Show Season Three Guide

A complete guide to Season Two of the Multifamily Mentors Show on Bigger Pockets. Episode One: Apartment Investing Tips from Grant Cardone That Made Me Millions Two apartment investing masters, Grant Cardone and Robert Martinez, walk into a room. What’s said between them can’t be repeated word-for-word, but the takeaways Robert Martinez took to heart […]

Multifamily Mentors Show Season Two Guide

A complete guide to Season Two of the Multifamily Mentors Show on Bigger Pockets. Episode One: Two College Dropouts & Their $4.7M Multifamily Syndication Deal Multifamily syndication is thought to be a more closed-off part of real estate investing. You need connections in high places, partners with millions of dollars ready to invest, and a […]

Multifamily Mentors Show Season One Guide

A complete guide to Season One of the Multifamily Mentors Show on Bigger Pockets. Episode One: From Living on Section 8 to Multifamily Millionaire with Sterling White In this episode, Sterling White shares how he went from living in section 8 housing and dropping out of college to owning just shy of 500 units in […]

Grant Cardone: NOW is the Time to Buy (Sellers Are Desperate)

Grant Cardone is ready to explode his empire. From his poor past in Louisiana, Grant worked his way up to becoming one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the country, with 12,000 rental units and four billion dollars of assets under his name. His story has been told dozens of times before, and there’s […]

Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Exit Optionality in Real Estate Investment

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, the ability to adapt and seize opportunities is paramount. At VareCo, we prioritize exit optionality as a fundamental part of our investment strategy. By aligning interests between general and limited partners and offering flexibility for either a quick sale or a long-term hold, we ensure that each […]

Unleashing Value: The Power of Integrated Value-Add Strategies

In the competitive world of real estate investment, unlocking the true potential of a property requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. At VareCo, we pride ourselves on our integrated value-add strategies that allow us to maximize returns for our investors. By leveraging our in-house property and construction management teams, we are able to drive the […]

Disciplined Acquisitions: Mitigating Risk and Securing Off-Market Deals

When it comes to real estate investment, a disciplined approach is crucial to success. At our company, we prioritize disciplined acquisitions as a fundamental part of our investment strategy. By effectively managing risk, practicing conservative underwriting, and leveraging our strong broker relationships, we have been able to source valuable off-market deals. In this blog post, […]

Samuel Apartments

A common question I get is “Chris, how can I invest with Terrance Doyle in one of his VareCo deals?” Now that I’m working with Lon and Ironton Capital, we’re able to bring you one of his deals! Opportunity: Samuel Apartments Why We Like This Deal: View the original article here.

Finding Your Niche in a Saturated Market

This week I’m joined in the studio by a good friend of mine, Terrance Doyle, and we’re discussing the strategy of finding a niche in the multifamily space, doing things differently and taking business from the big players in a saturated market. Terrance is a full-time real estate investor and developer focused strictly on multi-family, […]

Value Add Multifamily Investing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them with Terrance Doyle

In this episode, Terrance Doyle discusses the value-add multi-family investment strategy. He shares insights on what sets his success apart from others who may not be as successful with his strategy, and also highlights common pitfalls and risks associated with the value-add strategy. Terrance also shares how he has set up his business to avoid […]