Multifamily Mentors Show Season Three Guide

A complete guide to Season Two of the Multifamily Mentors Show on Bigger Pockets.

Episode One: Apartment Investing Tips from Grant Cardone That Made Me Millions

Two apartment investing masters, Grant Cardone and Robert Martinez, walk into a room. What’s said between them can’t be repeated word-for-word, but the takeaways Robert Martinez took to heart are ready to be released. Robert was able to buy 1,500 apartment rental units, raise over $70 million, and outsource the entirety of his property management, leaving him with a lot less headache but a lot more money.

The advice that Grant told Robert wasn’t complicated, but it helped him grow his multifamily business massively in a very short amount of time. You can repeat these exact same steps by tuning into episode one of “The Multifamily Mentors Show,” now on season three! In this episode, Robert will talk about what he’s been up to since the last time we spoke (link below for that episode!), how he’s scaled his business, and why he completely changed his acquisition strategy to favor a different kind of apartment investment.

You’ll also hear about the number one headache that Robert was facing and how he quickly solved it while getting much more time back into his day. So whether you’re still trying to get your first deal, focusing on your next, or ready to scale even faster, Robert is the guy to listen to!

Episode Two: How We Bought $20M in Multifamily Real Estate in Our 20s (NO Banks)

Christian Osgood and Cody Davis became millionaires in their twenties by refusing to do what traditional investors told them. They never borrowed money from big banks, tried to pitch owners to sell on a cold call, or took money from other investors to get their deals done. Instead, they simply used creative financing, personal marketing, and quality conversations to build a twenty million-dollar portfolio, all without a single bank loan.

By the way, this all happened within a year or so of partnering. Before this, Cody and Christian were both investing solo but realized their complementary skill sets benefited them when combined. Now, they’re scaling their portfolio faster than most young investors can even dream of, all without having to syndicate or take on traditional financing that would lock them into loans and terms that are unfavorable, to say the least.

Throw out the tacky sales methods, the sky-high interest rates, and the partnerships that never pay off—Christian and Cody will teach you the REAL way to build wealth through real estate.

Episode Three: Building a $10M Real Estate Portfolio at 25 Using The “Wealth Formula”

Building a $10M real estate portfolio? That’s impressive! Doing it as a twenty-five-year-old dropout? Now that’s almost unbelievable. But it’s precisely what Gabe Bowling did as one of the youngest guests on the “Multifamily Mentors Show.” There’s a reason Gabe could do this at such a young age. Using the “wealth formula,” he built a real estate portfolio most investors would dream of in just one year. And although this is extremely impressive, it didn’t come without sacrifice.

Gabe traded his chance at a college degree to work for FREE at one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate brokerages. He spent ten months entering data into spreadsheets, slowly learning the ins and outs of the multifamily industry. Then, Gabe took a job raising money for Grant Cardone’s own Cardone Capital. After getting in the groove of talking to investors and following through on deals, he quit a six-figure dream job to start building his own portfolio. Soon after that, he got his first deal, and now, he’s ready to take on a BILLION dollars in real estate within the next five years.

If you want to know how Gabe did it or want to copy his strategy, tune in! This is one of the most impressive young investors in the game!

Episode Four: From Low-Income to Passive Income in Their 20s w/170 Multifamily Units

The Donis brothers went from low-income to passive income, with over a hundred multifamily rental units under their belt, all in their early twenties. While this may seem impossible to most, this investing trio knew that the only way to win was to not think like the masses. They dropped out of college only a couple of years ago, seeing higher returns on their after-school investing than their formal education. Now, at incredibly young ages, they’re doing deals that veteran investors can barely fathom!

At face value, Jeffrey, Kerwin, and Kenneth Donis should NOT be in this position. They were raised in a low-income, single-parent household with zero experience in investing. But, they’ve been able to leverage their networking skills to find mentors, build partnerships, and get themselves a seat at the investor table. Their recent deal, a $20M, 170-unit apartment complex, took almost eight figures’ worth of funding to get done!

So, if you want to start tackling MASSIVE multifamily deals like the Donis brothers, stick around, and remember—ALWAYS add value!

Episode Five: 2023’s HUGE Multifamily Opportunity & The End of “Tax-Free” Income?

Multifamily real estate investing has always been a money maker. Whether you bought after the last crash, during the pandemic, or as the housing market started to stall, smart multifamily investments are almost always a solid buy over the long term. But now could be one of the BEST times to invest in multifamily real estate, even as rates rise, investor fear spikes, and operators start to get liquidated left and right. Want to hear the inside scoop on where to pick up these massively discounted deals? Stick around!

We’ve got Yonah Weiss, cost segregation and bonus depreciation expert, back on the show to switch roles and interview our own Terrance Doyle on what’s happening TODAY’S multifamily market. Terrance shares how investors can get in on a massive multifamily opportunity in 2023 and how some unlucky property investors could get burnt as mortgage rates rise and loans become due.

Then, we flip formats and hear from Yonah about all things related to depreciation, tax deductions, and cost segregation studies. Before you freak out, Yonah has some calming words on the future of bonus depreciation and how you may still be able to get tax-free income by following some basic steps. If you want to know how to level up your multifamily portfolio while paying fewer taxes than you thought possible, tune in!

Episode Six: $74K in Debt to Financial Freedom in 3 Years w/Multifamily Rentals

How do you go from in debt to financial freedom fast? You already guessed it—multifamily real estate! The power of this wealth-building, cash-flowing asset is like no other type of investment on the planet. But, if you want to get into the buyers circle, you’ll need to know who to talk to. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ll just let Jose Linares do all the talking. He used mentorships to build a respectable multifamily portfolio in just a few years without any prior experience!

Jose, like many investors, grew up without much financial footing. His mother worked multiple jobs, and as a result, Jose developed a scarcity mindset from constantly struggling. This became even more financially crippling after Jose graduated from college and began putting everything on his credit card. He was saddled with over $70,000 in debt until he switched jobs, dramatically lowered his expenses, and paid it all off!

After the debt was paid off, Jose needed a way to multiply his money so he could spend more time with his family. And, of course, he stumbled upon BiggerPockets, where he connected with world-class multifamily investors from around the nation. He joined masterminds, went to conferences, and now is helping other rookie investors get into the same position. So, even if you have bad debt, no experience, and little money, you can do EXACTLY what Jose did and come out on top in just a few years!

Episode Seven: From Corporate Burnout to Financial FREEDOM w/Multifamily Rentals

We all invest for financial freedom. No matter what you do, being stuck at a desk in an office probably isn’t how you want to spend your days. Even if you’re making a killing at your corporate job, the nine-to-five grind can take a serious toll. At least it did for Kelly Iannone, who left her senior position at Disney to chase early retirement through multifamily real estate investing. Now, she’s sitting on over a hundred rental units and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Kelly and her husband were feeling burnt out at their corporate jobs. Despite the cushy pay and great benefits, she wasn’t hitting her retirement goals. So when her husband’s passion for real estate came up, Kelly decided it was a now-or-never choice and jumped headfirst into investing. They bought a small multifamily that needed a SERIOUS renovation but came out on top with some solid cash flow. But then, Kelly went bigger. MUCH bigger.

Her third deal had over a HUNDRED units. In today’s episode, you’ll hear exactly how Kelly went from small to LARGE multifamily investing and how this single property allowed her to quit corporate and take the early retirement she always wanted. Now, Kelly is focused on building her portfolio even bigger and is doing EVERYTHING she can to continue building wealth. Want to repeat her system? Stick around!

Episode Eight: Grant Cardone: NOW is the Time to Buy (Sellers Are Desperate)

Grant Cardone is ready to explode his empire. From his poor past in Louisiana, Grant worked his way up to becoming one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the country, with 12,000 rental units and four billion dollars of assets under his name. His story has been told dozens of times before, and there’s a fair chance that you’re already aware of Grant. In this episode, he shares exactly what’s happening in the 2023 housing market and why he’s on the hunt for big deals.

With sellers hurting and institutional investors still licking their wounds from last year’s price drops, Grant knows now is the opportunity to strike. He’s gearing up to tackle thousands of more units as he grows his investment portfolio to new heights. Grant gives his thoughts on the recession, inflation, and why “institutional” investments are a CLEAR buy in 2023. He also shares how he went from being flat broke to making millions and the one trait that led him to astronomical success.

Whether you’re an investor, agent, broker, or parent just trying to build some passive income for your family, our chat with Grant will illuminate things you never knew were possible in the world of real estate. DON’T miss this chance to level up.



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Multifamily Mentors Show Season Three Guide
A complete guide to Season Two of the Multifamily Mentors Show on Bigger Pockets. Episode One: Apartment Investing Tips from Grant Cardone That Made Me Millions Two apartment...
Multifamily Mentors Show Season Two Guide
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